3 Reasons Why Loose Aggressive is The Best Poker Style

Anyone who plays poker will instinctively adopt a style or brand they employ. Often, it will be their personality that transmits at the poker table. For instance, a conservative elderly gentleman who is shy is more likely to play a tighter risk averse game than a brash and arrogant 22-year-old. It doesn’t matter what style of player you are there is one style that we consider the best (loose aggressive) and we’ll explain why in this post.

1] Most Enjoyable Style

I’m sure all of you have played loose and fast at times and you have to admit – it’s more fun isn’t it? The LAG poker style definitely captures the best parts of Texas Hold’em. By playing loose aggressive you are involved in more pots, getting more value, making more bluffs and all this equates a more pleasurable experience.

This poker style is like reading the best poker cheat sheet and turning it upside down. A strong LAG player is not as concerned with hand selection – they want to dominate the table and it’s enjoyable doing so.

2] Unpredictable – Hard to Face

The loose aggressive poker style makes you hard to play against. Opponents like predictable adversaries, people who play narrow ranges and are easy to read pre and post flop. This is the opposite of a loose style where players can have a wider range of hands. What does this mean? It means you can represent more hands after the flop and put pressure on opponents.

A tight opponent can’t legitimately represent having a three in their hand when two threes come on board but a loose player could.  Playing hands containing a three is not part of their poker strategy. This is a big deal when you’re facing opponents who won’t like getting re-raised regularly.

3] Easier to Get Paid

Have you ever noticed the loosey goose players tend to get paid more? This is natural as players find it harder to believe them than tighter opponents. Secondly, a LAG player is often more prone to bluffing so players are more apt to keep them honest by making hero calls. Therefore, adopting the loose aggressive playing style will make it easier for you to get paid in cash games and tournaments.

The trick to being a good LAG is to striking the balance between crazy and solid. A good LAG won’t push it too much as they will dwindle down their stack. You need to be able to keep your table image crazy while actually play measured and calculated.